Psilocybe Caerulescens

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Psilocybe Caerulescens Magic Mushrooms For Sale (About)

Psilocybe caerulescens, also known as landslide mushroom (“derrumbe” in Spanish), is a psilocybin mushroom having psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds.

Psilocybe caerulescens has a cap that is 3-7cm across. It is convex with a margin that curves inward, rarely becoming plane, often with a small nipple-like protrusion. This cap becomes sticky when moist and its margin also becomes slightly translucent.

This cap changes color based on the magic mushroom’s moisture levels. When hydrated, it has a yellowish brown to reddish brown with a silvery-blue metallic luster which is paler at the margins. When dried it becomes beige or straw yellow. The cap has great variation in color and form.

  1. caerulescens’ stem, more formally known as stipe, is 5-9cm long and 8-10mm thick which enlarges slightly at the base. The stipe is whitish to reddish brown with rhizomorphs forming towards the base. The gills are whitish, yellowish grey when young but become violet brown with age. The edges remain slightly whitish. Psilocybe caerulescens spores are brown.

Like most magic mushrooms, it turns blue when handled, with younger specimens bruising dark blue or black.

Psilocybe Caerulescens mushrooms have a strong, starchy taste and smell, reminiscent of cucumber. Fortunately, this smell weakens with age or when it becomes dry.

  • Pileus (Cap): 
    The cap is (1)3%u20137(10) cm broad. Convex to obtusely campanulate with an incurved margin at first, rarely becoming plane, and often are umbonate or with a slight depression in the center. It is viscid when moist from a separable gelatinous pellicle. The margin is slightly translucent-striate when moist. The cap is hygrophanous, yellowish brown to reddish brown with a silvery-blue metallic luster, paler at the margin, and drying to a beige or straw yellow. It readily bruises blue when handled, the younger specimens bruising bluish olivacous or even blackish. The cap often has a great variation in color and form.
  • Lamellae (Gills): 
    The gills are adnate to sinuate and close to subclose. They are whitish, yellowish grey when young, becoming dark violaceous brown to sepia brown with age; the edges remain slightly whitish.
  • Stipe (Stem): 
    The stipe is (2)5%u20139(13) cm long and (5)8%u201310(12) mm thick. It is equal or enlarging slightly at the base, and is somewhat flexous, hollow, and subpruinose to floccose. The stipe is whitish to reddish brown or blackish and readily bruises blue. Rhizomorphs are sometimes attached to the base. The veil is well-developed but does not form a permanent annulus.
  • Microscopic features:
    The spores are subrhomboid to subellipsoid and (6)6.7%u20138(8.5) x 4%u20136 um. The basidia each produce four spores, and occasionally only two spores. The cheilocystidia are 15%u201322(25) x 4.5%u20136 um and fusoid, with a flexuous neck that is 1%u20132.5 um broad. Psilocybe caerulescens var. caerulescens lacks pleurocystidia.
  • Season:
    June through September.
  • Habitat and Distribution:
    Psilocybe caerulescens (weilii) grows gregariously to cespitosely, from May to December. Psilocybe weilii is found under Loblolly Pine and Sweet Gum or in bermuda grass or fescue, often in red clay soil that is enriched with pine needles. It also grows in urban lawns and in the deep woods on areas where decaying wood collects. Psilocybe weilii is found only in northern Georgia.
    Disturbed or cultivated grounds often devoid of herbaceous plants. It often grows in sunny locations, preferring muddy orangish brown soils. Psilocybe caerulescens var. caerulescens was first reported from near Montgomery, Alabama, by Murrill in 1923 on sugarcane mulch, not re-documented from that locality since. It was recently found in South Carolina in September 2008. Psilocybe caerulescens is common and widespread throughout central regions of Mexico, also found in Venezuela and Brazil.


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  1. kamren macejkovic

    Fantastic shrooms, quick delivery, they gave me microdosing samples, cool stickers, and honestly they have the best price on the market

  2. marion farrell

    Haven’t had more than a gram yet, but these are strong. Not for beginners or a lighter experience. But great for a good trip 🙂 enjoy

  3. kaylin koss

    Beautiful strain, and I couldn’t be happier with your service, mushroom dispensary.

  4. garry

    I am glad I found your store

  5. ella

    Exactly as advertised. First time trip, 2g was plenty. Incredible visuals and euphoria. Amazing experience. Really pleased with my order and the service.

  6. makenna

    Done these in the past may have saved my mental sanity and gave total mind body & soul reset.

  7. kiana schroeder

    shipped fast to the city, the quality is amazing. and they were generous with the samples, I love the reward system, really helps.

  8. vicenta williamson

    These are the highest quality shrooms I have ever taken. I took a 3.5g dose like I always do and these had me tripping hard.

  9. floy tromp

    Helped my brother with his anxiety. Solid as hell

  10. beverly rowe

    This strain is very colorful and I’m glad I was able to experience the trip that I was able to have, colorful patterns and ego death. amazing. Thanks my favorite mushrooms dispensary.

  11. parker batz

    Hands down the strongest I’ve ever tried and i have tried 20+ strains of mushrooms, on top of that they look soo beautiful it was hard on me to crumble them up.

  12. orland dietrich

    These were amazing and helped me out after a super stressful week of work

  13. oceane auer

    Was very pleased with this strain! The looks, and quality were all top notch!! Would definitely recommend this one, especially for the price!!!

  14. kenny boehm

    Took 1.5g hit hard and fast probably within 15mins.You guys are the best hopefully get to purchase them again.

  15. denis stanton

    I’m your fan! Thanks for the amazing work you do. We need you for life

  16. vilma hoppe

    Next week 😀 haha Also! I’m lovin’ the rewards points. I’m not going anywhere 🙂

  17. malcolm collins

    Great visuals and amazing stuffs will buy again for sure!

  18. perry legros

    My new favorite strain.
    But too costly…

  19. christine daugherty

    These are amazing. My favorite fungi!!! Thank you for the harvest!!! 🤙🏻✌🏼

  20. leann hamill

    Had a beautiful healing ceremony with friends and great quality! Love your site.

  21. alexander howell

    Fast delivery and trusted product!

  22. river cole

    Great mellow vibe

  23. ford trantow

    Thanks guys for giving me an opportunity to try these! Been wanting to find some for so long.

  24. adriana brakus

    I had an intensely spiritual experience on just 2.5g! Absolutely amazing and nothing like I’ve ever tried before. It was my 3rd time purchasing from you and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else if you keep it up 😉 Your stuff is top quality!

  25. ahmad raynor

    These are potent as hell. I felt one with nature, and my addictions melted away leaving me feeling free!

  26. clara gibson

    Wow! These shrooms knocked my socks off. Highly recommended.

  27. mitchel ortiz

    Top notch! Very potent. Follow dosage guide and have fun guys !

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