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100mg per capsule, 30 capsules per bottle.

All Natural and Vegan

Our mushroom capsules are great for those who are new to the world of shrooms. They give you a convenient and easy way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms in a consistent microdose.



Buy PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS CAPSULES 100MG Online. PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS CAPSULES 100MG are meant for microdosing and for the individuals who need a discreet and easy way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin. PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS CAPSULES 100MG is a derivative of the Psilocybe magic mushroom, which is the most potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis.

The amount of mushrooms per serving is dependent on extraction time and process, but this dosage provides a nice microdose.  These mushrooms have no taste or smell, so they can be taken right out of the capsule. Store in a cool, dark place with the jar lid slightly open. Enjoy responsibly! Please use with care.


The effects of Psilocybe cubensis capsule include vivid visual stimulation, intense feelings of euphoria, uncontrollable laughter and joy and periods of deep introspective and philosophical thought.

These capsules contain organic ginger root, an ingredient that can increase nausea in some individuals. Use care if you have a known allergy to ginger or other related species of plants from the Zingiberaceae family.

Our easy to swallow PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS CAPSULES 100MG are perfect for those who don’t like to eat their mushrooms, or those who want a more discrete way of microdosing. The psychedelic compounds contained in these capsules cause visual and audio hallucinations along with the typical psychedelic effects (visions, trails of lights, etc.) These capsules are perfect for beginners. Buy PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS CAPSULES 100MG Online



DIMENSIONS 5 × 5 × 10 cm
INGREDIENTS Psilocybe Cubensis, Organic Peppermint, Organic Ginger Root, Niacin, Plant Cellulose.All Natural and Vegan

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10z, 1/4pound, 1/2pound, Pound


  1. collin walker

    It helps me with my mood disorder (severe depression) and the chronic pain

  2. brendon bayer

    Just started micro dosing with this product

  3. michel

    It helps me focus and gives me energy like super cool

  4. chad windler

    Helps reduce anxiety

  5. giovani fay

    it was very pleasant.

  6. helene

    Arrived in sealed discreet package and the quality is great.

  7. jan little

    happy with these capsules they just keep me active

  8. malvina goodwin

    This product is nice because it’s not overwhelming

  9. filiberto johnston

    These are great, and consistent quality.

  10. lora bruen

    perfectly what i was looking for! and your service, Guys! So prompt, so efficient. Thank you!

  11. amalia becker

    I’m enjoying them super cool

  12. nettie tremblay

    I just really wish the price was a little cheaper.

  13. norval hickle

    I’ve seen so many great reviews on how it has minimized mental health symptoms. I’m very hopeful 🤞🏻

  14. joana

    One of my favorite capsules ever

  15. alessandro

    De bons avantages

  16. julius langosh

    Never get rid of this product!! Best stuff out there

  17. libby runolfsdottir

    Can’t say enough about this product! So much that I’ve gotten three of my friends on these!

  18. bria

    I really enjoy it. like every moment with this product

  19. major

    Super rare and pleasantly good

  20. clifton

    Quite potent. Nice product.

  21. lucas roberts

    Je me suis senti un peu défoncé la première fois que j’ai pris une gélule

  22. sydnie

    Ive been shopping around online everywhere for this specific strain and the only place that seems to carry it was here. Thanks guys will be coming.

  23. kirsten satterfield

    I use it everyday and it keeps me from being anxious and feeling down.

  24. stephania keeling

    Overall the experience has been good so far. The microdose itself is imperceptible and I am feeling the overall benefits.

  25. bertrand padberg

    Illumina la mia giornata e posso dire che il lavoro di composizione prendendolo ogni due giorni sta funzionando.

  26. antonietta okeefe

    I’ve noticed it helps me to stay positive and reflect better when I’m going down negative thought patterns in my head.

  27. veronica vonrueden

    These product make me feel so creative and excited to live again.

  28. edwardo

    Everything looks neat, great trustful customer service.

  29. gerhard lakin

    Improved thought and clarity. Will definitely be placing another order.

  30. skye moen

    I take them once a week and I still feel great!

  31. ashton bogan

    Must try exotic strain feels so different from the others.

  32. clara beahan

    I loved it my friends loved it I’ll def be purchasing again, I put a couple people on and they’ve already ordered theirs.

  33. lydia torp

    I need to take just 2 capsules minimum for any effect

  34. trevion

    It took some time to be used to after months of taking them

  35. estella kris

    Got these within a week and am very impressed. Arrived in sealed discreet package and the quality is great. Have been using for a couple days now and they are better than the old company I used ! Thanks

  36. richmond

    So much improvements in energy and feeling of well being.

  37. polly wolff

    Definitely feel the benefits from these capsules. Highly recommend!

  38. janick

    Highly recommended!

  39. jedidiah zieme

    I feel awesome, I enjoy life and I love small experiences in life.

  40. bernard

    With this product, my mindset is very positive and I am motivated with energy

  41. kayleigh

    1 of the most potent mushroom capsules i ever had !

  42. bertha bogisich

    I started microdosing and it improving my physical and emotional health 😊

  43. harrison connelly

    Definitely feeling more relaxed, less anxious, and content about life in general.

  44. krystina powlowski

    It has only been a few weeks but I do believe it has been effective in keeping me calm, steady and emotionally stable!

  45. jakob

    Works great, helps me focus and gives me clarity

  46. telly jones

    Thanks! I didn’t know who to trust, I’m glad I picked you guys!

  47. casandra huels

    Amazing products, really helps my mood and focus

  48. felix pfeffer

    This Psilocybin supplement has dramatically improved my mood

  49. baylee weber

    I have notice daily focus and calmness. Highly recommend.

  50. dorian marquardt

    I will be ordering again soon!!

  51. misael adams

    I have been taking for about a month now and it’s an amazing product.

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