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Alchimia presents Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom Grow Cake by Tatandi, a 1200ml cake inoculated with fresh Blue Meanie mycelium. It is an original variety that produces large mushrooms with a characteristic appearance.

Blue Meanie Mycelium Grow Cake

Blue Meanie is characterised by a slightly slower than average growth, forming small caps on the first harvest but easily producing large, dense mushrooms from the second flush.

The use of a heated mini-greenhouse can be very useful and make it easier to maintain ideal growing conditions, with a temperature of 22-24°C and a humidity between 60-80%.

The first Blue Meanie mushrooms are ready to harvest in about 20-25 days of cultivation, offering several harvests with the same cake under optimal environmental and hygienic conditions.

Blue Meanie hallucinogenic mushrooms, intense visual effect

Blue Meanie mushrooms are above average potency , intensifying colors and producing kaleidoscopic sparkles and reflections that inspire us to admire the beauty of the world, feeling one with the objects around us or that we touch. Blue Meanies tend to remove all forms of anxiety to immerse the user in a state of deep inner peace.

Tatandi Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom Grow Cake info:

  • Blue Meanie magic mushroom grow cake
  • 1200ml of fully inoculated substrate
  • Fresh, high-quality mycelium
  • Up to 6 harvests under optimal conditions
  • First harvest in about 20-25 days

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1200 ml – 5 Units, 1200 ml – 10 Units, 1200 ml – 15 Units


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