Psilocybe Cyanescens

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Psilocybe Cyanescens Mushrooms (Wavy Caps) For Sale

Psilocybe cyanescens Mushrooms (sometimes referred to as wavy caps or as the potent Psilocybe) is a species of potent psychedelic mushroom. The main compounds responsible for its psychedelic effects are psilocybin and psilocin. It belongs to the family Hymenogastraceae. A formal description of the species was published by Elsie Wakefield in 1946 in the Transactions of the British Mycological Society, based on a specimen she had recently collected at Kew Gardens. She had begun collecting the species as early as 1910. The mushroom is not generally regarded as being physically dangerous to adults. Since all the psychoactive compounds in P. cyanescens are water-soluble, the fruiting bodies can be rendered non-psychoactive through parboiling, allowing their culinary use. However, since most people find them overly bitter and they are too small to have great nutritive value, this is not frequently done.

do psilocybe cyanescens bruise blue?

cyanescens generally bruise blueish or blue-green where damaged, and the staining remains visible after drying. This staining is most noticeable on the stem (which is white when undisturbed) but can also occur on other parts of the mushroom, including the gills, cap, and mycelium.

psilocybe cyanescens identification

The easiest way to identify Psilocybe cyanescens mushrooms is by looking at its cap. Mature P. cyanescens caps have a distinct wavy appearance. This cap also changes color depending on the mushroom’s levels of hydration. It’s caramel to chestnut-brown when moist but fades to pale buff or slightly yellowish when dried. These wavy caps can measure from 1.5 to 5cm in diameter. This also applies to the mushroom’s other body parts.

The gills under the caps are light brown to dark purple brown in maturity, with lighter gill edges. These are connected to the whitish stem which is 3-6cm in length, and 3-6mm thick which is usually enlarged at the base.

Psilocybe cyanescens also produces purple-brown to purple-gray or purple-black spores. Both the odor and taste of P. cyanescens are starchy, comparable to ground flour.

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