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Psilocybe Quebecensis Magic Mushrooms For Sale (About)

Buy Psilocybe Quebecensis Mushroom Online USA. Psilocybe quebecensis magic mushrooms are moderately active hallucinogenic mushroom in the section Aztecorum, having psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds.

This species readily bruises blue with age or handling and have translucent striations on the cap when wet. This bluing reaction extends to the stipe, where long “rhizomorphs” (root-like structures) are habitually found near the base. Older mushrooms may have a nearly flat cap that wrinkles with age. Fruiting tends to occur year after year in the same location, areas of discovery should be marked or noted.

While P. quebecensis has a moderate potency, containing both psilocybin and psilocin, they must be cultivated in the wild. This species resists fruiting either mushrooms or sclerotia when cultivated artificially. They are found at the end of summer or into the autumn throughout its range, most recently extended into the state of Michigan in the USA. Their fruiting requires a low temperature shift, to near or below 6-15°C (43-59°F).

Though considered rare, this species is suspected to be more widespread, prevented by their small size, and low population density of Quebec. In the same range, other Psilocybe species share similar appearances, namely P. baeocystis and P. caerulipes, the latter being differentiated by a subtler blueing reaction. If discovered, they have a radish-like, floury scent and a mild, herbal, floury flavour. Buy Psilocybe Quebecensis Mushroom Online USA

An enigmatic species, P. quebecensis is hindered by its fickleness in artificial cultivation. For those lucky enough to discover a local patch, a yearly tradition can be expected if the place if remembered. A pleasing flavour and scent, and moderate potency, combine to make this sub-arctic species memorable. The Psilocybe high is considered to be milder and friendlier when taken with psilocybe quebecensis

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56 reviews for Psilocybe Quebecensis

  1. cathrine

    Overall I’m happy with my order and the service, but the mushrooms were a bit milder than I expected. I guess I’ll try a different strain next time. Anyway, thanks for the gift and super quick and smooth service.

  2. emmanuelle

    Order was shipped same day and received faster than expected. Packaging was nice and discreet plus. These people obviously care about the movement and it shows. Will definitely be ordering again when the time is right!

  3. magnolia

    ust got my order. Thanks a lot you guys for all the samples and amazing quality shrooms! Haven’t tried them yet, but I can tell they’re really good. I’m impressed.

  4. edmund

    Haven’t tried them yet, but arrived quickly at a great price.

  5. johnpaul

    Exactly as described

  6. mireille

    Go easy on these, they’re very strong. Intense visuals and a great experience overall.

  7. bailey

    Had this was great I recommend..

  8. montana

    I’m satisfied with my care☺️.

  9. rowland wyman

    Amazing high every time

  10. peter hills

    These mushrooms are extremely potent. I was hesitant at first, but I’m glad I took the risk. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed!!

  11. lacey

    great stuff. pretty intense

  12. joy

    Good quality, but I thought they’d be more potent… I guess I need a higher dose.
    But I’m really satisfied with your service: amazing communication, got freebies, and good $! And amazing deal for first time customers like me. I’ll be trying other shrooms you have.

  13. darien

    Love this strain , it’s perfect for all situations. Super pleased with your service, guys!

  14. queenie

    Delivery was fast and discreet. Best strain for me.

  15. karley

    Good and Mellow imo.

  16. buford parker

    A bit pricey

  17. kendrick oreilly

    Delivery was quick thanks guys much love .

  18. bailey

    Like to the moon and back great stuff.. definitely order more

  19. emerson

    Top notch. Hits fast and intense but mellows out in another 30mins and lasts a nice 4hrs…very nice!!

  20. antonetta gaylord

    I got these mushrooms as my first order. They are very high quality and I ended up tripping hard with just 1.5g – 2g. I really enjoyed the trip. It gave me a lot of feelings of euphoria and gave me more of an appreciation for the small things in life we take for granted. I will be buying these again once my batch runs out!

  21. juliet quigley

    Decent price for the quantity, the delivery was quick. I did enjoy them.

  22. lilly

    Everything, from the product to your service, has been superb! One of the highest quality shrooms I’ve seen. I got really big beautiful whole pieces. Looks like this strain will be permanent on my menu 😉

  23. sonny

    These mushrooms are amazing, it was my first time doing shrooms and definitely not the last. Awesome product.

  24. elaina crona

    I would highly recommend. I use quite frequently. The perfect balance 👌

  25. dayana

    I ordered these because I’ve never seen anything like it, they are very strong with some nice visuals, will definitely try again

  26. alexandria

    Definitely adding to the future list, great trip had a lot of laughs and a permanent smile!

  27. frederique

    First time trying the strain and they were perfect!

  28. berenice senger

    My new favorite strain!

  29. melody

    My Fiancé and I had these and made a tea with them as we wanted to have a stronger experience after having shrooms a few times in the past. We used about 2.5g in each tea. You couldn’t taste they were really in the tea. We both had very nice visuals and some good laughs watching cartoons. Although my fiance took more after the tea than what he was used to and got a little freaked out(close to 5g). I would definitely recommend this strain they are strong but mellow! 😊🍄

  30. mireille

    I recommend this store, They’re so professional and they have their team is welcoming and kind🙂

  31. arnold

    Purchased for microdosing to feel better, experimenting with upping the dosage, easy to digest

  32. agustin

    They did exactly what they were supposed to do! Bright, vivid colours and all my senses were heightened 😍 the high came on very subtly and never overwhelming or too much to handle. Definitely putting another order in for these bad boys!

  33. kareem mayer

    This store is the most friendly I’ve come across so far, their staff is really nice and they helped me with the whole process since it’s my first time ordering online, The product itself was outstanding. I highly recommend this store.

  34. alexie

    Very powerful experience, expect spiritual awakenings! and the trip was one of the best I have yet to experience! will certainly be ordering them again

  35. verdie

    The shipping was faster than I expected and I had the time of my life with thier fresh and fantastic mushrooms.

  36. melvin

    Remarkable service. My order arrived on time. The shrooms gave me a clean high – no bad effects.

  37. marcelo marks

    I’ve been using these Psilocybe for microdosing for many months. I tend to take 150mg every 3 days. Obviously there’s no high at this small dose but I find myself much more resilient to daily stress, especially on the day I take the dose. I think I’ll start taking a smaller dose every day to see what effect that has on my general mood and outlook. Great quality mushrooms for sure!

  38. margot rempel

    Good product, great customer service. Thanks for the samples as well! 🙂

  39. rebecca

    If you are new/interested in this service, they definitely actually deliver this and it is legitimate! I was very skeptical before purchasing, but now I am a customer. Product was healthy and dried properly.

  40. kelly nolan

    These mushrooms were something truly extraordinary! The visuals (at 4g) induced Aztec patterns and playful entities that brought on the sensations of endless love and knowing. Thank you mushroom dispensary

  41. ellen

    great to explore outside with

  42. maribel

    The overall ordering experience was smooth…. This is the perfect shroom strain for me.

  43. vincent

    was my entry point into the mushroom world, and while I still consider myself a novice, I have tried other strains, but in my opinion it doesn’t get better than the teacher. Solid effects, but not over powering. Very pleased

  44. faustino

    Excellent products

  45. melody

    Fast shipping and quick email replies. Took a small does of 1.25g and felt a small high and some closed-eye visuals
    They are also very generous with samples, even if you didn’t specify.

  46. alessandra

    Absolutely hands down the best looking mushrooms I have ever seen in my life! Very powerful! Repeat orders for me! Thanks

  47. fernando

    The most potent mushrooms I ever tried .It kept me spiritually connected with nature. Thanks so much😃🍄

  48. williamson

    Wow what a trip these are fun great visuals stuff was melting u get fucked off these i only ate 2 grams felt the effects for 4 hours loved them

  49. magnolia

    First time trying these and it was an absolute blast! One of the best times I’ve had in a long time!

  50. fabian stanton

    I found myself talking with Mother Nature🙂 after a shrooms trip experience with their super cool and fresh mushrooms.

  51. michele cole

    Very high quality of mushroom. A lot more potent than I thought it would be, it was a pleasant surprise. The delivery was quick.

  52. earnest

    Everything was as said, they kept their word I even received my stuff 30mins to what was on tracking, the best part of it was the quality of the products😇.

  53. danielle kohler

    My favourite so far nice strains

  54. mose

    It was hard to believe but i was amazed at the service I got, this store is the place.

  55. marcelle morissette

    all was okay

  56. emmalee

    Great buy. I learned what I needed when I was on these shrooms. I found my experience to be exactly what I needed. I will be coming back for more. Thank you.

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